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Welcome to the Official Website of the
Hancock Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

PO Box 335; Greenfield, IN 46140

2020 Club Officers:
President: Jon Reeves, WB9CNE
Vice-President: George Boaz, KD9GHS
Secretary: Jim Snellenberger, KD9HBO
Treasurer: Simon Padgett, KD9LTE

Board of Directors consist of officers above plus one at-large member: Brent Walls, N9BA

Repeaters: 145.33 MHz CTCSS 88.5 Hz , 444.45 MHz CTCSS 88.5 Hz. These repeaters are normally linked together but
will be linked in the case of a meeting being held on one or the other, or if RACES and ARES nets are needed simultaneously.

ARES primary repeater and weather nets: 145.33 MHz.
ARRL EC : George Boaz, KD9GH

R.A.C.E.S primary repeater: 444.45 MHz.

Weekly practice nets are held on 145.33 MHz and 444.45 MHz each Tuesday at 7:30 P.M.
We would like to thank Ninestar Connect for the use of their tower

Dues are $20 per person or $30 per family and can be mailed to address above or brought to a regular meeting.

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