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Fox Hunt!

When: Saturday April 17 at 10:00 AM
What: walking/pedestrian fox hunt
Where: The starting point / meeting location will be the parking lot in front of the Patricia Elmore Center located at 280 Apple Street.

Organized by Brent Walls. I will be monitoring the club repeaters listed below starting at 9:30am if anyone needs directions.


• Private property is strictly off limits for the fox and hunters.
• The fox will be hiding within the confines of either Riley Park or the Hancock County fairgrounds.
• The fox will be transmitting on 146.565 MHz simplex.
• The fox will transmitting beginning at 10am until all hunters have found it or given up.
• Hunters are encouraged to participate in teams of 2 or more
• Teams of hunters may collaborate or cooperate with other teams.
• The fox and hunters should monitor the W9ATG repeaters during the hunt. 145.330- PL 88.5 or 444.450+ DCS 465
• The first team/hunter to find the fox will have the opportunity to hide it next month.