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The Monthly meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7 P.M. unless otherwise specified. The meetings are held at the Emergency Operations Center, 640 S. Franklin street, Greenfield. Visitors are always welcome. If you would like to find out more about Amateur Radio or how to get licensed we would be happy to help you.
Two meetings in 2017 will be on the third Wed of the month:

June 21 at the EOC
Dec 20 at the Park Chapel Christian Church in Greenfield.

Exception: The meeting on August 23 will be held at Park Chapel Church in Greenfield. See the map for VE testing, it will be at the same building. Park on North side of building and enter through door 5 then turn right and go to room 114 on the right. Or follow the signs.

Tech talk will be a quick review of DC circuits and start of AC circuits. The quickness of the review will depend on how much any new folks know and how much you need. If you don't understand, stop me and I'll be glad to explain, even if we have to move the AC out to later. There is no hurry and what comes later as it applies to Ham Radio is based on the basics. Jon

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