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Field Day 2021

Field Day 2021 will be held at St. Michael Parish on Jefferson Blvd. Site will be just North East of where the Blvd dead ends at a corn field.
Field Day is June 26-27, 2021.

Friday Setup Tasks:
14:00 - Mow grass if needed, apply mosquito spray
Set up stakes and security tape for saplings
Set up tarps on West and North side of shelter house
Set up food tent on East side of shelter house.

Saturday Setup:
all remaining setup tasks.

Some duties previously carried out by the person in the General Lead position have been delegated down to to new positions. Please volunteer for one or more of the available roles:

FD Setup Lead: George Boaz
Oversees setup and testing on FD. Ensures all tasks are being completed on time and according to plan including priorities. Needs to have the ability to focus on making sure others are doing tasks according to plan.

Tarps Lead: Jim Snellenberger
Lead team putting up tarps around the shelter house.

Tarps team: Need volunteers
Install tarps (Friday) (3 persons).

Tent Construction: Paul Daugherty
Set up tent. (Friday) (2-3 persons).

PIO booth: Need Volunteer
Set up PIO booth. (1 person).

Government support: George Stant
Secure proclamation of "Amateur Radio Week" from Mayor and County Commission.
Attend County Commission meeting to request Amateur Radio Week be declared. Also request same from Mayor. All documents are pre-made and just need to have dates and names changed.

Invite Elected Officials/Press: Jim Snellenberger
Send letters and/or call elected officials and news media to invite them to visit the field day site. Pre-made letters are available.

Pre-Planning, Equipment List: George Boaz
Reset spreadsheets from previous years for this year. Check with those supplying items last year to make sure they can supply them for this year. Find persons who can fill in any gaps in equipment

Pre-Planning, Misc. Jon Reeves
Make updates and provide operating instructions and setup instructions for each station. Review comments from last year and implement improvements.

Antenna Setup Lead: Bill Smith
lead the small team to set up antennae per plan.

Antenna Setup Team: Larry Ellett, Simon Padgett, Carolyn Coffin, Marilyn Kramer. Need 1 more Volunteer.
workers to set up antennae. (4-6 persons). Bring gloves!

Radios, Computer/logging software: Jon Reeves
Set up radios, keys, computer and connections. Ensure laptops and N1MM log software are ready to go and tested with the radios ahead of arrival. On FD, set up and test.

Food Coordinator: Jon Reeves
Plan meals and times and make sure they are available on schedule. Can delegate tasks to others. Each cook to purchase their own supplies and coordinate with treasurer on expenses. The club is only paying for the main dish. All other sides, snacks, condiments, and drinks to be brought and donated by members.

Sat. Lunch (12:00):
Sat. Supper (18:00): Beef in the Garden (Stew), Jon Reeves
Sun. Midnight snack (00:00):
Sun. Breakfast (07:00): Scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, fruit , Paul Daugherty
Sun. Lunch (12:00): Bratwurst, Jim Snellenberger

Safety Officer: Brent Walls
Ensure safety is considered during planning and execution. Make sure AED, first aid kit and fire extinguisher (for electric) are on site. Inspect DC power terminals on batteries and other connections for possible short circuits with nearby conducting objects. Can delegate assistants to be on duty during FD. Someone on site should be the "safety person" during the entire event.

Power Lead: Stephen Jordan
Oversee setting up all power systems from generator to radios etc. Detailed plans will be provided for AC power and DC power.
need one person with hitch with 2" ball to pick up generator at EOC.

Power Team: Need Volunteers
set up power system. (1 or 2 persons).

Coax Lead: Need Volunteer
Oversee team to run coax from antennae to radios.

Coax Team: Need Volunteer
Test and run coax. (1 person)

Tables Lead: Need Volunteer
Oversee setting up and positioning tables per plan. Pay particular attention to getting operating tables up first so power, radios, and other equipment can proceed early.

Tables Team: set up tables (1 person).

Leads: Make sure you assign specific tasks to those with experience in that area or show them how to accomplish it if they do not.