FD Computers and Network Setup


The Field Day network consists of one WiFi router which is set up as a LAN (Local Area Network) to facilitate communications between each logging computer and the logging server all of which are either desktop Windows PCs or Windows laptops.

If internet access is needed it is usually on an intermittent basis during setup in case any programs need an update. In this case, we usually set up a phone as a hot spot, connect the device to it and do the update/s. Note that since the PCs are idle for most of each year windows itself will likely need updates. It is best to do this prior to Field Day or expect large amounts of data via the phone used a the site.

Computer and Network Lead duties:

  • Maintain and update field day files: (keep on PC with backups, copy to USB thumb drive for remote use. “Field Day” is the top directory and can be placed anywhere on the Lead’s home PC. Make sure it is backed up.)
    • Prior to the software update day
      • In the master files,
        • download any new FTDx10 firmware updates and place in (\Field Day\FD SW\drivers\ftdx10 usb).
        • download any fldigi software updates updates and place in (Field Day\FD SW\FD_laptop_setup\fldigi).
        • download any wsjtx software updates updates and place in (Field Day\FD SW\FD_laptop_setup\wsjt-x).
        • download any N1MM software updates updates and place in (Field Day\FD SW\FD_laptop_setup\N1MM). Check website to determine of new fullinstaller is also needed.
        • If there are any new manuals for the above updates download updates and place in (FD SW\FD_laptop_setup\docs). Delete outdated manuals.
    • Schedule a day/time for updating the logging computers on the EOC mezzanine. Use the USB thumb drive for this after you have copied all files under the Field Day directory on your PC to it. You will need 1-2 helpers to unpack PCs and repack them.
      • Procedures for the updating are in the this file on the thumb drive: Field Day\FD SW\FD_laptop_setup\laptop_setup-8.docx where 8 is the version number and may increase. During this operation, make any corrections needed to this file and increase the version number by one. The instructions this file are color coded for setting up a PC that has not been used for logging before and just doing an update to one that has already been set up with our files.
      • More details at link below.

Radio Configuration

The Radio Setup page only shows how to hook up connections. The Radio Configuration Page documents standard Field Day internal radio settings. Internal settings are stored on an SD card maintained by the lead. The document below shows those settings in print. Sometimes users change settings that inadvertently discombobulates the radio. To fix this, reload the settings from the thumb drive into the radio, or check them manually against the Radio Configuration screen shots.

Computer and Network helpers:

  • During FD setup on Saturday morning help unpack the computer equipment and place on tables according to the tent layout drawing.
  • During FD tear down on Sunday afternoon help repack the computer equipment and load into vehicle for transport back to the EOC.

Relative documents: