About us!

Our club is an IRS tax exempt corporation under tax code 501(c)(3). Donations to the club are tax deductible.

2022 Club Officers:

President: Jon Reeves, WB9CNE

Vice-President: Brent Walls, N9BA

Secretary: Richard Emmelman, K9WG

Treasurer: Paul Daugherty, K9UXW

The Board of Directors consists of officers listed above plus one at-large member: Simon Padgett, KD9LTE

Appointed and volunteer positions:

VE Testing Group: David Keiser, KC9URP (317-440-8486, kc9urp@hrtc.net)

Fundraising Committee Chair: Jim Snellenberger, KD9HBO

License Trustee: George Boaz, KD9GHS

Repeater Trustee: George Boaz, KD9GHS