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2022 Field Day Information

The 2022 HARC Field Day is June 25-26th.  Here is some key information:

Field Day Site: 519 Jefferson Blvd, Greenfield, IN 46140 

Wednesday June 22nd.

19:00: Monthly HARC meeting.  Go over any final issues, do training on the logging software and do some demo contacts if time permits.  Persons attending this meeting will be given first chance at operating signup times.


Friday, June 24th

19:00:  Tent Setup.  Meet at the EOC.  A small team will meet at the EOC to pick up equipment stored on the mezzanine (tent, radios, and power supplies). 

We will then proceed to the FD site and set up the tent.  Ken will keep the other equipment and store it in his truck in his garage overnight and bring it back Saturday morning.  We have a couple of volunteers, but if you are available, please stop by.  The more we have the less effort it will be for any individual.  Also, fence posts and security tape will be set up to direct foot traffic in and out of site.  Help is needed for that.

Saturday, June 25th.

7:30 AM:  Bob K. will stop by the EOC and hitch up the EMA generator (2” ball).  Bob will need the combination for keypad from George Boaz or George can meet him there.  Bob will check diesel level in tank and get more off-road diesel fuel on the way to FD site if needed.  (give receipt to Paul for reimbursement)   


08:00:  This is the full team setup start time.  Please be prompt.  A short meeting will take place to make assignments and then setup will commence.  Persons present at this meeting will be given a chance to sign up for operating times.


14:00:  Start operation


Sunday June 26th

14:00 end operation and teardown.


Items taken from the EOC mezzanine and the EMA generator to be returned there.


NOTE: All vehicles will need to be parked on the pavement.  No one is to staple or nail or tac anything into the wood structure of the shelter house.  Bring any necessary hand trucks or other wheeled devices to help move items from the parking lot to the site.