Technician License Class

The current License Class has ended. Check back here for any announcements regarding future class schedules.

What can I do with an Amateur Radio TECHNICIAN License ?

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for anyone who has no previous knowledge of radio communications or electronics but wishes to get licensed. The training will include 6 sessions (2 hours/week) of free classroom training and discussion that is focused more on explanation of concepts rather than just memorization to pass an exam. At the end of the course the Technician exam will be given and licenses are usually issued within a week by the FCC.

If any of the following topics interests you then you might want to consider registering for this course.

Public Service Emergency Communications during a Local Disaster
Weather Spotting and Reporting of Severe Weather Activity
Amateur Radio Local Simplex & Repeater Communications
Electronics – Experimenting with Computer /Raspberry PI / Radio Interfaces, Building your own DMR Gateway
Parks-On-The-Air for Portable Operation from National, Federal, and State Parks
Worldwide Communications via HF or using VHF/UHF in Combination with the Internet
Participating in a NET on Various Areas of Interest – or Host your own NET
Contesting with other Radio Operators using Several Communication Modes
Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) to Track Vehicles and High Altitude Balloons

Objectives of the Course

  • Participants will receive instruction on all topics relative to procuring their FCC Amateur Radio Technician License (see class outline below)
  • Provide free training materials and study guides to minimize the cost of obtaining a license
  • Provide License Exams on-site several days after classes have finished


  • No minimum age requirement
  • No prior knowledge of electricity or electronics is required, but is helpful
  • Students should have a basic knowledge of multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and fractions
  • No understanding of Morse Code is required – no longer required to get licensed.

Total Cost to Get Licensed

The ARRL (American Radio Relay League) charges a small fee for test materials and for processing the Application. The FCC fee is for the actual License. The classes are being provided for free by the Hancock Amateur Radio Club.

  • There will be no charge for the study guide, training materials, or the classes
  • Under 18 years old
    • ARRL Technician Exam Fee: $5
    • HARC will reimburse the $5 Exam Fee for anyone receiving their license at one of our exam sessions
    • FCC License Fee $35
    • ARRL will reimburse 100% of the $35 FCC License Fee after your license is issued
    • Net cost for a 10 year license: $0
  • Over 18 years old
    • ARRL Technician Exam Fee: $15
    • FCC License Fee $35
    • Net cost for a 10 year license: $50

Class Location, Time, and Length

  • All classes will be held in Greenfield, IN at the Hancock Public Library, 900 W McKenzie Rd. Classes will start on March 6th and be held from 5:45pm tp 7:45pm. This course will last for 6 weeks- one 2 hour session each Monday evening. At the conclusion of the course the FCC Exam will be given on-site.


TECHNICIAN License Course Outline