Our club operates two repeaters (2M & 70cm) identifying as W9ATG
.– —-. .- – –.

LOCATION ( Hancock County, 3.75 miles NE of Greenfield, IN )

2 Meter: 145.330 MHz (-) CTCSS 88.5 Hz
ERP 55W (47.4 dBm) at 360 Ft.

70 cm : 444.450 MHz (+) DCS code 465
ERP 88.7 W (49.5 dBm) at 360 Ft.

These repeaters are normally linked together but may be unlinked in the case of a meeting being held on one or the other, or if RACES and ARES nets are needed simultaneously. Both repeaters are OPEN repeaters.

ARES Primary Repeater: 145.330 MHz

RACES Primary Repeater: 444.450 MHz

Weekly practice Nets are held simultaneously on the linked repeaters each Tuesday evening at 7:30 P.M. This is an open net and any licensed amateur radio operator is welcome to participate. The net manages Traffic, News Items, Announcements, and amateur radio related items offered for Buy-Sell-Trade.

We would like to thank Ninestar Connect for the use of their tower to host our two repeater systems.